Monday, July 7, 2008

The "What Do We Name Him" Contest!

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

So what do you think?
Not Spot, Fido, Wind Waker (that's from a video game, and is the Meep's favorite)... I was in favor of The Dude, but JJ shot that down. He didn't like The Big Lebowski, either.

1. The "official" name can be pretty much anything, but we're obligated to started it with "Chindi's", so if you liked the name Harrison Ford, the whole name would be "Chindi's Harrison Ford".
2. The name has to translate into an everyday name (i.e. Chindi's Harrison Ford could be Harrison, Harry, Ford etc.)
3. Remember that the Meep has to be able to call the dog by it's name, so don't suggest stuff like "Lick Balls" or "Ass Master". To the people who already suggested those names, you know who you are. I've got my eye on you.
4. You may enter as many times as you wish. Karl Barx has already been entered.

Winner Receives:
Many sweet little kisses from said named puppy, either in person or on film. Said puppy is not slobbery yet, and smells extremely good, so it's not the regular dog tongue-lashings. These are PUPPY kisses, people. Kisses will be available some time after August 4th.


Update! Here are some names thrown into the hat via email, phone, or visit (thanks mom):
Bacon Bit (or even better in French, Petit Lardon... the little lard)
List Whistler
Holy Mother Terrence (aka Mother Teresa b/c his sweet face can do no harm)
Hershey from the house of Kobie
Charles Bronson
(aka Charles, Bronson, Charley, Chuck, but absolutely NOT Bron Bron)
Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
Jack the Kerouac
Ernest Hemmingway
Kirby or Hoover (because surely, he will be vacuuming up any crumbs)
Bobby B(rown)
Sir Poopy the Puppy (!!! thanks to my fabulous sister for that one. you are so cool.)
Wu-Tang Clan
Mighty Mouse
Mr. Tumbus


Fox and Crow said...

OMG. Such a smooshy face!

Without a doubt, The Dude is the best. My unequivocal vote is for that. After all, The Dude abides.

Other than that, some suggestions:

Peanut Brittle

Erin said...

Fox-- that is soooo funny. my sister in law said the dude was her fave too, for the same reason.

I really like your other suggestions!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP. That is the cutest little face I have ever seen.

My entry:
Baron M√ľnchhausen
and I would call him munch or hausen, not baron, which is WAY too pretentious.

my entry not withstanding, I have to say The Dude abides, and I agree with the above and your sister in law.

this is sue, btw.

karey m. said...

i'm horrible with names. dog names, especially. we have a chihuahua named bear for god's sake.

and uncle sugar is even worse. he once used the name dicky dick ripper peter for a video game character.

can't wait to see what wins.

Maverika said...
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Erin said...

karey - ha! that sounds like something I would name a video game character, if it makes you feel any better :)

Erin said...

Sue - I agree with the Baron thing. totally not my style. i could call him munchy, though.

maverika - astro boy! the meep liked that right off the bat! "it's a cartoon" he kept saying. :)


Emerson. He's going to be smart. Very intelligent. A light bulb moment type of puppers. Kiss to him. x

Laura Irrgang said...

Oooh-----I LOVES me some puppy breath! WHY does it smell so good?
Perhaps b/c they haven't started eating poop yet?

I suggest Walden Brown.
Wally if you must shorten it.
But I like just 'Walden'.

rochambeau said...

Could I through in Jasper? My first dog looked like your dog and was named Jasper.
Liked your comment about Washington today. You're so right!!

rochambeau said...

I meant Throw in!!!

Erin said...

L.P.E. - I love that you called him puppers. And Emerson is a great name. Although I would have to call him Emerson and not Ralph.

Laura - we went to visit these pups this weekend to pick ours and imagine 10 of them running out of their little enclosure to bowl you over with sniffs and licks. it was AWESOME. and NO EATING POOP! :)

Constance - actually, right before i read your comment the name Jasper popped into my head! great minds think alike!

flossy-p said...

I can't believe, on top of the cutest face ever, that he has blue eyes! He's so smooth and glossy, and I'm so impressed that he's already learnt how to look straight down the barrel of the lens. :)

Name ideas?... I'm not sure I have any worthy...

I went the "Astro Boy" route for inspiration:

- Zooti- A one time gangster and Piper's brother who is now a good boy. He only appeared in Episode 29: Memory Day.

- Dr. Groomer- A short and fat doctor. He, along with 3 other people were represented as the first people to escape from Planet X with Astro Boy. Dr. Groomer only appeared in Episode 35: Planet X.

- Pero- Mr. Mustachio's pet dog. He only appeared in the manga episode, The Hot Dog Corps.

- Android 44#- An android who was made by Dr. Junkovicth. He and the other androids act both robots and dogs. Even though their brains came from dogs. He's commander of the Hot Dog Corps. He only appeared in the Manga Episode, The Hot Dog Corps.

(p.s. All this info was copied and pasted. I am NOT a giant manga geek as you may have been fearing)

Good luck finding the perfect name :)

Strawberries said...

Franz Kafka (German, as well as fun!)
You can always call him Chindi's Metamorphosis , and then call him Kafka :)

He is adorable. Where are you getting him from?

MRoth said...

I like "The Dude"!

I also like:

Bob Barker

I just really want some puppy kisses.

Erin said...

flossy-p - holy crap. for a minute there, i was a little frightened for you. my son was HELLA impressed. I mean, he REALLY totally wants to talk to you. i did not tell him that you used ye olde cut-and-paste!

Erin said...

Strawberries - he comes from a far away town called harrisburg, pa. seeing him and his siblings shove their entire bodies into their dishes of puppy gruel this weekend was well worth traveling there to meet them. I soo wish i had taken a video.

Megan - Bob Barker. Don't forget to have your pet spayed or neutered! Sawyer as in Tom or from Lost? Yamamoto is good. yama or moto. perhaps just YAM.

pepito said...

wow. what a doll. i'm for the dude as well. i also like yam.

for my own entries i offer:
* kissy-face
* little boy blue (or brown, rather)
* Rip Van Winkle (if i remember this is based on a german folktale to go along with your german pointer!)
* drooly mcDog
* Washington DC

AND, since someone already said Wu-Tang Clan (oh, to call a doggy "Wu"!): Big Baby Jesus

karey m. said...

we have this thing at out house...when somethiing is terribly lovely, we all just crowd 'round and coo "budga budgie budgie."

it's not cool. but entirely appropriate when you come across a face like this one.

how about literary. like kurtz {conrad's heart of darkness} or hely {tart's the little friend} or omar of the greatest philosophers of all time.

remember. dicky dick ripper peter. enough said.

MRoth said...


You can call him Rud! Or Ruddy! Or Yard dog!

Krissy said...


Morty for short. He's a dapper young fellow :)

Erin said...

pepito - jj and i got a big kick out of Big Baby Jesus!

karey - i like the uncool "budga budgie budgie". every family should have an uncool term that they all can use that no one understands. Our family has "mac job" and "two" if it makes you feel better. We say them proudly and often to the confusion of others. good times. :)

Megan - with yard dog I can imagine him running around the neighborhood and bowling people over whenever someone says something about their yard. like galloping up and licking them all over. every time i think of it i smile.

krissy - MORT! He IS kind of dapper, isn't he? he was playful when we met him, but also very laid back. he would simply sit there and lick me when i held him, and fell asleep in my lap. aw!

Charlie said...

Hey Erin,

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your little guys is SO SUPER CUTE!

How about..... Ralph? or Angus? He looks like quite the little gentleman.


Soon to be Mrs said...

I like Sampson.

Ceci said...

so what's the bacon bit's chosen name?!?

cecilia :)