Monday, September 29, 2008

Deer in the Woods

You must be pretty sure I've been hibernating, but I haven't been. It's been summer people! The weather in upstate New York has been wonderful! There's a puppy to take care of! Some updates for you:

1. Name that Puppy Update: His name is Kafka (Chindi's Metamorphosis) and Anne, who commented in with that suggestion, received a series of puppy kisses pictures, and a short, puppy-tongue filled video. And now he has almost tripled his weight.

2. I've finally opened an etsy store. More in a later post. I've got a number of new drawings to post too.

3. I love my blood sister, non-blood sister (in-law) and my best friend, but I don't spend nearly enough time with them. I love the men in my life too (I have brothers galore), but sometimes a girl just needs to get with her ladies.

4. If I have learned one lesson this summer it is to take more vacations.

5. Sarah Palin. WTF?? Please don't vote for someone because they have a vagina. Please vote because you agree with their politics and are sure that they know what they are doing. Something to consider: She doesn't believe in the theory of evolution or that mankind has anything to do with global warming. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of her grand "Alaska is close to Russia" argument for foreign policy. When McCain unveiled her, I didn't sleep for three nights because of Palin nightmares.

6. The deer still come around. This morning, not 35 feet from my living room window, stood an enormous 10 point buck. Incredible.


Anonymous said...

One morning I awoke, early, like 6 am. It was misty that morning, and there in the backyard was a horse and pony. I almost died, they were so beautiful. What a present to start the day to.

Erin said...

it's so wonderful, isn't it, to look up and unexpectedly see something alive that you totally weren't expecting to see. a little like magic.

Stacy said...

I love this post (and agree with a lot that you wrote). Running off to check out your store....

P.S. I'm from Blogtoberfest.