Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekly Kafka

A short tale with pictures. Humor me while I pretend to know exactly what Kafka is thinking.

Gosh I like the fall.

There are leaves on the ground. I like leaves. They are almost as tasty as sticks.

What is this? A stick? With leaves?

I had better try it out.

Say... this is good!

Soooo gooood.

Within the past week Kafka has lost all of his baby canine teeth, and some molars too. He would be chewing on something (invariably something we didn't want him to chew on), and I would hear something skitter across the hardwood, like a little pebble. Then he would run after it and try to eat it. Yum. Teeth.

His new teeth are less sharp, and much more substantial than his puppy teeth. He is looking more and more grown, which is about right as this week he is five months old (I have no idea how many weeks he is any more because I have lost count and am too lazy to count again).


Juddie said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for dropping by my blog! I love these autumn picks of Kafka - what a cheeky pup!

My dog Gus loves Autumn leaves too ... here are some of the posts that I've included him in on my blog: http://flightlessboyds.blogspot.com/search/label/Gus

Erin said...

Cheeky *is* a good way to describe him. Gus is darling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin!
Sorry it's taken me a bit of time to thank you for your comment on my blog -- and for your kind words. :) I'm glad you found me and glad you've been enjoying my crazy pogs. I've been slacking lately due to a prego sister and insane amounts of family visiting (read: I'm slightly going insane). :)

I am totally digging your blog... not only do I love dogs AND art AND Kafka, BUT... well, you're just awesome. Also, my dear friend in Maine has a dog JUST like your Kafka!!! pointers rule.

I want a dog.

I have to move in order to get one, though, because my landlady is anti-pet. How mean. Sheesh.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend! Thanks again for visiting my blog and commenting!
Are you still having vivid dreams? Last night I dreamt I was homeless and living in a CVS. I stole lots of cereal. hahaha

Sasparilla Sue said...

I <3 Kafka!!