Monday, May 19, 2008

gone baby gone

After a full weekend, the in-laws have departed, having helped us fix our small and yet very heavy toilet AND cleaning the bathroom afterwards. The good news is that the visit forced us to clean and organize our house, and because of that, now we are intent on keeping it that way. I wonder how long we will be able to keep that up, but if it's through the week I'll be mighty impressed.

Saturday we had delicious strip steak that the husband grilled on our newish grill, fabulous pasta salad and baked fried prepared by moi. It was a good meal, but after tonight, I am going back to being a vegetarian. It's been a lovely trip back into animal meat country, but I've been feeling the effects a little too much. I have to wait until after tonight because I still have one Zweigle's white hot left and I will be eating it THIS EVENING. Mmm, delicious white hot made of pork and veal, I shall miss you so even though you are made from piggies and baby cows. Truly, I will. Once the white hot is gone, I may be missing out on sirloin and bacon, but I'll feel better physically. Not as tired and weighed down.

In other news, I was able to complete one of my twice weekly drawings - a bear that I'll be posting this evening. I was pretty convinced I wouldn't be able to get another one out this week, and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. The Meep named the bear Skipperdoo, which in my opinion, is a fabulous name for a bear. I also, on request, drew a flower with two blooms for the step-father in law, but neglected to snap a picture before they left. I was glad to get a chance to do them both.

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