Tuesday, May 13, 2008

slovenly, but at least interesting.

Seriously. I wish that I had that neatness gene that makes my mom whirl through rooms and leave them spotless, but I just don't. This is actually pretty clean, above. I feel better just looking at it. That's not even a picture of the turkey tail and FOOT that my co-worker mounted and brought in for me that is on the other end of my desk (which wraps completely around my office). I'll have to add a picture later. It is definitely disturbing, and weirdly impressive.

In other news, drawing is going well, although I haven't been painting or making anything. As previously mentioned, too much house stuff going on.

Ick... phone pictures. Better ones later. Lately I have been drawing conversations. These little mice are having one. Stinky cheese and cats-- who doesn't love talking about them?

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