Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day antics

The weekend was nice and longish. We had some friends over yesterday for dinner (steak, crab and hamburgers for children), and then when they left, the men of the house had a camp out in the backyard.

The Meep was all for ghost stories, but instead they resorted to... movies on a laptop. Part of me here says what a great idea! The other part thinks that camping is something you do without a tv. Er, laptop. Whatever. You know what I mean, but do you agree??

Anyway, son and husband both went right to sleep after movie watching.

Today I spent cleaning, drawing, and just plain lazing about outside. It was fabulous. What a good day to smell flowers.

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niccabean said...

i agree. laptops and/or TVs ought not be brought on camping trips, even if they are to the backyard.