Saturday, October 4, 2008


As often is the case, I was fashionably late. This time, it was for Blogtoberfest, which is hosted by Big Cat over at Big Cat's Emporium. Blogtoberfest involves blogging every day in October, or at least making an attempt to. Big Cat has already hosted a giveaway, but I believe we are looking at an art swap too, which is ALWAYS awesome.

So pop on over to Big Cat's Emporium, sign on to blog your ass off, then grab a banner from the always-awesome flossy-p, and join in the fun, even if you are fashionably late!


flossy-p said...

Hey :) Banner looks great, I'm glad it worked easily for you!

BigCat said...

Nothing wrong with being fashionably late. I'll have to get on to the art swap hey?

Erin said...

yes yes! art swap! i loooove me some art. p.s. blogtoberfest is a freaking great idea.