Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are part werewolf and other things.

So today I had most of the day to myself, which is unusual. I wasn't, of course, completely alone. Kafka was there, as he always is. Catherine came over for a while after recovering from that nasty bug that has been galloping around the city. It was so, so , sooo good to see her. I asked her to take some photos for me in about a month. She has a great eye, and a great camera. I forgot actually to ask her about it today. Once the photos have been taken, I'll talk about them. Until then, hang tight!

My sister Autumn came over as well for a while tonight too, so I could pluck her crazy eyebrows. You know how some families all have the same nose? Well, we have that, but we also have a bad case of the crazy eyebrows. And by crazy eyebrows, I mean the kind that will grow several inches long, and threaten to take over your face. Like we are part werewolf. Thanks a lot, dad. If you let them go, not only do they get long, but they literally begin to grow in from our outside eyes into our hairline. Let me just point out, right here, that despite what you may be beginning to imagine here, we are not a hairy family. Between my sister and I, the eyebrows are the only thing that allude to out beastly background.

I pluck my own (wax does not work as well to tame these monsters), but my sister is convinced that she can't do her own, so I am honored to do them for her. They looked magnificent when she left. In three days... well, we'll see.


flossy-p said...

hehehe, cracked me up, this did!

Wow, I must say you're a dedicated sister. My Mum always threatens us with when she's old and can no longer pluck her own eyebrows one of us will have to do it for her. The idea grosses me out, especially thinking of plucking hairs form a an elderly lady complexion, all soft and fragile. Eeeek, luckily that's a good while off yet... phew.

Erin said...

Ha! As soon as I thought about plucking from thin, oldish skin, I cringed. *shiver*

You can always do to her what my grandmother did-- plucked them all and did an excellent job drawing them on!