Monday, October 6, 2008

sicky sick sick.

Ugh. Today I stayed home from work because I absolutely needed to. I am in a horrible mood, made only worse by the fact that I am horribly uncomfortable.

I thought I would tell you that there are three things that make me feel a little better:*

1. JJ calling to tell me he loves me.
2. a hug from the Meep.
3. the thought that someday soon, a wonderful package will be arriving from the creative hands of Lindsey Carr of Little Robot.

Aw hell yeah! I never win aaaannnyything, so I am, of course, endlessly thrilled. However, this is Lindsey we are talking about, and I remember very clearly when she first blogged about the headband she had made because it was soooo cool (like absolutely everything made by Lindsey).

Now I've got to go back to bed.


corine said...

Cheerios! Hope you feel better soon. As for the mood, I can't help, mine is lousy too.

Erin said...

Now it's Wednesday and I DO feel better. Thank goodness! I hope you do as well!

flossy-p said...

Whaoh, that headband has got to make you feel better, it's amazing! Hope it arrives SOON! :)