Friday, October 17, 2008

Flying Dutchman

I needed some inspiration, because I've had a long day.

Then, Drewzel over at Blog Portion notified me earlier that she had decreed today Blogtoberfest Fave Friday, and wanted people to focus on one or a couple of their favorite songs. That's tough for me, because I have so many favorites, however, I thought it would be good to highlight a song that , while perhaps not my favorite song of all time, has the best Youtube cover ever.

Witness PS22 in their glory:

Can you stand it? How fabulous is that?? Don't you love how INTO it they are? It's funny and disarming and wonderful, and lucky for you, you can see more at the PS22 blog.

And if you need to hear the original Tori Amos version, you can find it here.

p.s. Drewzel has the coolest car.


Drewzel said...

Bah to you tube, I couldn't get their clip to play, so I looked at their other stuff! Kewl!!!

ps. ta for the comment on my car, it's an English car...I think it's pretty sexy too :P

THE ESSESS said...

Another great video, you can tell the kids are putting their heart in to it aswell!

Picky Eater said...

the little guy with the sort-of Hawaiian shirt on sure has good technique ;-)

Sasparilla Sue said...

That's awesome!