Friday, October 3, 2008


Lily is now available in the shop.


karey m. said...

kafka? KAFKA?! i. love. it.


he/she is beautiful. love it.

{a bit tipsy, but love it nonetheless!}

xoxox. kmmm

Erin said...

Hahaha... Omar was in the running until the very end, when my husband announced that he believed a hunting dog needed a name with hard consonants, so that if they were in the field and it was windy the dog would hear. Whatever. I liked Omar a lot. Kafka, however... he's a pip.
i missssssed reading you! thank god I got over my blog-break!

lulu said...

I just discovered you blog and love your work! And Kafka is a super great name for a dog!!!!!! I'll b e back to visit often :0)